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  • Who We Are

    typewriter Oliver Benjamin, Editorial We-in-Chief
    Founder of The Church of the Latter Day Dude and serving as its current Dudely Lama, Oliver is a journalist, editor, novelist, musician, and has dabbled extensively in pacifism. More of his dabblings can be found on his personal site.

    Dwayne Eutsey, Calmtributing Editor
    Dwayne is the Archdudeship of Dudeism, a role that carries considerable weight around these parts. He’s also responsible for No Frame of Reference, his regular column. He co-authored The Abide Guide with Oliver Benjamin

    Crash Winfield, Leads Investigator
    Crash has an extensive background in blues music, red light districts and yellow journalism. What his frequent Dudespatches lack in factual information they more than make up for in pure conjecture.

    Chalupa, Dudeist Jockey
    “Chalupa” is the nom de dude of the founder of the celebrated Lebowski Podcast. He lends a friendly voice to The Dudespaper through his regular column, Notes on the Cycle.

    Art Schaub, Field Dudeologist
    Art is a professional Field Biologist who travels extensively in order to kick back and watch animals. Dudeman Nature is his homework-in-a-plastic-baggie.

    Tim Craig, Associate Professor, Dude University
    Tim is one of our academic advisors, an expert on pop culture who did his graduate thesis on The Big Lebowski fan culture, among other things. His thesis can be enjoyed with coffee here.

    Lisa Donald, Associate Professor, Dude University
    A few years back Lisa founded an excellent site dedicated to Lebowskian philosophy. Today she has her virtual office bungalow on our metaphysical Dude University campus. Her striking thesis is rolled out here.

    Andrea Miranda Atenas, Chilean Correspondent
    Andrea is a music expert and designer who can speak Dudeish fluently in both English and Spanish. Tomalo con calma, Dude.

    Bradley Ducak, Zen Dudeist, Canadian Correspondent
    Regular contributor Bradley dabbles in Dudeism and Soto Zen, and has a third degree black belt in procrastination. He and his Pastafarian partner have two little dudes who are being raised Jedi.

    Other contributors:

    John Jansson
    John J. Bukowczyk
    Brian McCloskey
    Richard Aucoin
    Lisa Donald
    Barry Popik
    Gerald Cohen
    David Shulman
    J.B. Enzed
    The Dudely Lama
    Patrick Murphy
    Wendy Nixon
    Aaron Hazan
    Dennis Gillman
    Oliver Benjamin
    Lone Dude
    Ryan Hatfield
    Cody Brown
    Jorge Eduardo Alcalá
    Ryan Hatfield
    Ryan Colt Weber
    Headie Bean
    Hieronymus Moondog
    Andrea Favro
    Kris Harrison
    Hugh Slesinger
    Mark Mac
    Gary Silvia (Rev. GMS)
    Marek Bazgrzacki
    J.J. Vicars
    Stella Quinn
    Sean Reedy
    Dave Lawrence
    James Hutchison
    Ed Churchman
    Jason Michel
    Amanda Macias
    Eirah Lewis
    Govna G.
    Aaron Weintraub
    Shawna Lee
    Tim Gertsch
    Tim Churchill
    Kristian Lewin
    J.D. Lafrance
    Noah Hess
    Rhys Owens
    Scott Oliver
    Diana Diaz
    Todo Duderado
    Jay Mash
    Richard Parsons
    Aidan Tolhurst
    Glenetta B. Krause
    Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers
    David Lavery
    David Thorsteinsson
    James Kerr
    Paul “Pablo” Martin & Valerie Renegar
    Anne Lehwald
    Pat Bratton
    Paul Purdy
    Kaustubh Sikarwar 
    Aaron Brattan
    Colin Flahive
    Nelson Templar 

    More to come…