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Thanks, Dudeism!

Section: Dude Testaments | August 9th, 2013


Rev. Madaline Fogelsong decided to give thanks every day for a week to the things in her life that deserve it. Dudeism was one of those who were thankied. And a Dude day to you, ma’am!

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I Came to the End of My Tether

Section: Dude Testaments | July 22nd, 2013

frustrated lebowski

Rev. Mark Walter describes a recent nervous breakdown and his subsequent rebirth through just takin’ er easy, discovering Dudeism and founding his own Dudeist monastery. When you come to the end of your tether, get a new tether, man.

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Flippin’ Pennies

Section: Dude Testaments | May 15th, 2013

dude penny

Our pal c.c. keiser, proponent of the Do No Harm philosophy and admin at our forum talks about lucky pennies, karma and personality. Let’s join him on a pleasant ramble while levitating through the forest.

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The Dude Presides

Section: Dude Testaments | April 8th, 2013


Rev. Erik Gamlem discusses how presiding over a wedding as a Dudeist Priest can not only be a dude thing to do for your friends, but it can also make you feel all warm inside. Love, in the true sense of the word.

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Our Scottish pal J.P. Fitzpatrick discusses what Dudeism means to him. If a new law passes in Scotland, Dudeists will be able to administer weddings, but that’s not why he converted to Dudeism. He also includes some very Dudely poems in his ramble.

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Peaceful Easy Healing

Section: Dude Testaments | November 8th, 2012


Rev. Mike Bennett has a good old vent about a bad time in his life and how finding Dudeism and adopting a dudely attitude helped him through the valley of the shadow of dipshits. Ahh. Feels better, don’t it?

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The Spiritual Path of Dudeism

Section: Dude Testaments | September 28th, 2012

lebowski painting

In Rev. Nelson Templar’s Dudeist Testament he discusses the spiritual meaning Dudeism has for him. Good knowin’ he’s out there, takin er deeply for us sinners.

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The Tree of Life

Section: Dude Testaments | July 15th, 2012

tree of life

Rev. Paul Purdy bares his soul about a rough period in his life and how he is doing his best to abide, to take er easy and to say “life goes on, man.” It’s not an easy thing to take it easy when you’re going through a dark night of the undude. We’re sympathizing here, Dude.

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The Silence of the Dude

Section: Dude Testaments | June 18th, 2012

dude coffee

Dudespaper contributor Mark Mac is back again, but this time with a heartfelt confessional for our Dude Testaments section. He recounts how he once was living a lie, chasing the dream of success. And it took losing it all to find that success is not counted in possessions but in experiences. Deep stuff, mang. Life goes on.

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The Lebowski Precepts

Section: Dude Testaments | March 12th, 2012

bernie and jeff

We’ve mentioned the Zen Peacemakers a lot in the Dudespaper because we dig their style. They’ve recently come up with a Lebowskian take on the sacred Buddhist Precepts. Really ties the religions together, does it not?

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