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    There’s no end to the amount of Lebowski trivia that has piled up over the years, but a new book by the Coen’s personal assistant reveals new shit that has come to light!

    mad scientist

    Rev. Kerry Gibbs, one of the esteemed contributors to our book Lebowski 101 has just published an academic study with the help of some of our Dudeist Priests, who were recruited from the Internet.

    Check it out at Dude University!

    self actualized dude

    Dudeist Priest Bob Harris proposes a new branch of psychotherapy. When psychoanalysis becomes dudeanalysis, it really promises to tie the strands in ol’ Duder’s head together.

    Deeper Inside Llewyn Davis

    Section: Movies | January 21st, 2014 | Read the article  


    Todd Alcott, one of the esteemed contributors to our very own Lebowski 101 has allowed us to republish his good and thurrah analysis of the Coen Brothers’ latest masterpiece, Inside Llewyn Davis. There are a lot of ins and outs to this movie, but Todd has produced the deepest and most comprehensive analysis out there.

    Socratic Ignorance

    Section: Dude University | September 11th, 2013 | Read the article  

    socrates funny

    Rev. Wu Li discusses Socrates and socratic ignorance at length, delving dudely into the roots of truth, comedy and other far out what-have-you.

    ele duderino

    The Dudely Lama, Oliver Benjamin has created a life size painted elephant sculpture that looks like The Dude to help raise money for Asian elephant conservation. Come check it out at Doheny State Beach in California this Saturday and hang with the Lama.

    Thanks, Dudeism!

    Section: Dude Testaments | August 9th, 2013 | Read the article  


    Rev. Madaline Fogelsong decided to give thanks every day for a week to the things in her life that deserve it. Dudeism was one of those who were thankied. And a Dude day to you, ma’am!

    frustrated lebowski

    Rev. Mark Walter describes a recent nervous breakdown and his subsequent rebirth through just takin’ er easy, discovering Dudeism and founding his own Dudeist monastery. When you come to the end of your tether, get a new tether, man.


    Arch Dudeship Dwayne Eutsey tells us about a recent far out radio show in which various notions about the word “dude” and its history are dudescussed and dudeliberated upon.

    This is What Happens

    Section: Duder Verse | June 26th, 2013 | Read the article  


    Rev. Andre Milewski pens a Taoist/Dudeist verse for us to ponder on. A little unperverted perspective for these troubled times, man.

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