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Derby and the Dude

Section: Strongly Vaginal | April 16th, 2010


Now while Dudeists might be prone to periods of extreme inactivity, we’re also fond of a sporting good time: The Dude was an achieved bowler, after all. And patron saint Jeff Spicoli was an avid surfer. Now our very own Rev. Wendy sings the praises of Roller Derby! Unlike being a golfer, it may be the only sport that’s might be more fun to watch than to play. Cheer on Rev. Wendy and read her heartfelt article of faith. Sounds exhausting. And awesome.

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Strongly Vaginal #1

Section: Strongly Vaginal | August 23rd, 2009

Female Dude

Proud we are to welcome our new special lady columnist, Rev. Wendy Nixon, and her column which presents a female Dudeist point of view. She’s really helping us conceive, man!

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