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Soon to come: A real, online university for deep Dudeist studies: Abide University.

Until then, scholarly papers concerning Dudeism and The Big Lebowski can be found here…


dude university sweatshirt Want a Ph.Dude degree? At Dude University we’ve collected the more intellectual, generally longer-running articles that deal with things Dude, Dudeist, Dudeitarian, Dudeological, and Dudeaphysical.

Any students or professors out there with articles, theses or just ordinary homework they’d like to publish here (plastic baggie not necessary)? Or even just crackpot cranks with scholarly dissertations of Dudeist genius?

Please send what you’ve got to us at duder@dudeism.com and we’ll peer-review it over a few oat sodas.


What Condition Our Condition is In
By Kerry Gibbs

The Koans, Brother: Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers’ “The Dude Abides” Koans

By Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers

“Secret shit”: the uncertainty principle, lying, deviation, and the movie creativity of the Coen Brothers

By David Lavery

Unspoken Messages: Notes on Lebowskian Theory

By David Thorsteinsson

Psychological analysis of the Dude – A Psychological analysis of personality: The Dude in The Big Lebowski

James Kerr, BEd

The Man for His Time: The Big Lebowski as Carnivalesque Social Critique

Paul “Pablo” Martin & Valerie Renegar

Material for the Study of Dude [Part 1]

By Barry Popik, David Shulman, and Gerald Cohen

More Material for the Study of Dude[Part 2]

By Barry Popik and Gerald Cohen

More on Dude [part 3]

By Barry Popik and Gerald Cohen

The Big Lebowski Goes to the Polish Wedding: Polish Americans – Hollywood Style

By John J. Bukowczyk

Fans by any other name: A study of “normal” movie fans and “cult” movie fans byTimothy E. Craig

The Dude Abides: Just War Theory, Pacifism, and Dudeism in The Big Lebowski

By Richard Aucoin

The Coens’ Effort: The Big Lebowski

By Anne Lehwald

The Big Lebowski Experience – An Overview

By Rev. Oliver Benjamin

I Am The Walrus? Musical Representation in The Big Lebowski

By Rev. Sean Reedy

The Cabalah, Philosophy and Buddhism

By Rev. Marek Bazgrzacki

Tarot Yes, Mr. Lebowski: The Big Lebowski, Kabbalah and Tarot

By Rev. Marek Bazgrzacki

Strongly Vaginal, and a Pair of Testicles