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Mything the Point

Section: Dude Simple | September 16th, 2011


Rev. Ed Churchman takes a good and thurrah look at what makes a myth, Mr. Lebowski. All too often it seems we fail to realize that the truth might not be such a…uh, uh, you know? That is, we sometimes forget how to think mythically. Rev. Ed helps guard us against those who would make too many literal connections.

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When in York…

Section: Dude Simple | July 9th, 2011

Gunpowder Dudes

In honor of the upcoming Dudestock festival on August 6th, Rev. Ed Churchman tells us a little about the very dudely city of York that will play host to the event. Sounds like a totally unspoiled pad, man. We’re looking forward to doing the usual, driving around, the occasional oat soda flashback.

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the truth

Rev. Ed Churchman digs deep once again, with an investigation into the nature of truth and untruth. Natural, zesty enter-lies? Something to sip on, dude.

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shomer shabbos

Rev. Ed Churchman takes a look at the divide between science and religion. It might not be such a…a…you know? You’ve got your story, I’ve got mine. Down through the ages. That’s your perception. There’s a lot in Dudeism that can help us bridge the gap. Compeers, you know?

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On and Off the Road

Section: Dude Simple | November 17th, 2010

dude man walking

Rev. Ed Churchman returns to the Dudespaper’s fold with an amiable story about ambulating through life. Which path are you going to take when you Westward the Wagons? Advocating the path of loose change, Rev. Ed concludes that the more innarestin path might just be the way to go.

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Keep on the Sunny Side

Section: Dude Simple | July 24th, 2010

awesome sunglasses

What season is this…is this a uh…? Indeed, it’s summertime, dudes. Time to put on the shades, shorts and minimal footwear and enjoy the dude times the sun has to offer. Rev. Ed Churchman weighs in on the Positive Mental Atta Dude that the fiery orb in the sky provides us for free.

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No Shirt, No Socks, No Stress

Section: Dude Simple | July 4th, 2010


Rev. Ed Churchman returns with a lighthearted Dudeist screed espousing our holy reverence for dressing casually, and when possible, not dressing at all. Human skin wasn’t meant to be covered up so much, so let’s enjoy the summer and let it all hang out. Rev. Ed helpfully suggests some ways you can do this and not get fired.

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Keep it Limber, Dude

Section: Dude Simple | March 13th, 2010

passed out drunk nihilist

Rev. Ed Churchman pours us a tall cool one in honor of St. Patrick’s Day — a look at what it truly means to keep your mind limber. Hint: getting totally wasted on whiskey does not make it limber, it makes it limp. But the other danger is that of a rigid mind. How do we move through life limberly, like those maligned snakes old Patty drove out of Ireland? The honorable Reverend explains.

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Rev. Ed Churchman bowls another big one to us from old blighty, explaining how the Levellers movement helped usher in a much more Dudeist way of life for the British. Though their methods could be a bit on the Sobchak side, they paved the way for future Dude movements all over the world. Now every man’s bungalow is his mansion.

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Dudeciples and the Pan-Dudeian Nation

Section: Dude Simple | February 6th, 2010


Rev. Ed Churchman looks at the relationship between Dudeist holy folks (Dudeciples) and the Dudeist lay population (Dudes). Just as with other religions, we need both the fully dudevout and the deeply casual — the Dudeist high-erarchy happily welcomes followers of varying dudegrees.

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