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Dalai Lama Awakening

Reverend Gary M Silvia catches up with director Khashyar Darvich, and talks with him about Dudeism and his new film. Playing to a packed house, Dalai Lama Awakening had a showing at Railroad Square Cinemas in Waterville Maine, and the Dudespaper was there.

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Rev. Austin “Auz” Lawrence sends us this report on the fun and games, as well as a healthy dose of Dudeist philosophy to be had at the first ever LebowskiCampFest. Attendees channelled their inner-Dude, and in the spirit of abiding had a very unigue camping experience. LebowskiCampFest seems to have been a fantastic success, Rev. Auz and friends are true achievers, and proud we are of all of them.

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dude (1)

Peter Merel, our collaborator on the Dude De Ching has come up with a very cool technology to help create more innarestin’ conversations on the Internets. It’s like the Facebook “Like” on steroids (or maybe white russians). It’s your roll, Dudes!

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Fuck, It, Let’s Go Running

Section: Dudeist Leisure | July 8th, 2012


Though it may have been a strenuous undertaking for the Dude, running can be a profoundly calming pastime for many people. Rev. Aaron Brattan discusses his dudely take on what it means to abide at high speed while surrounded by spandexed compeers.

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What is that? Yoga?

Section: Dudeist Leisure | June 12th, 2012

dude and maude bowling

Rev. Glenetta B. Krause helps us get limber by adhering to a strict yoga bowling regimen. What is that, some kind of Yobowling? Bowlga? Bowlasana? Whatever you call it, it’s a far out idea to help us roll our way into the semis of life.

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Naked Men Parties

Section: Fabulous Stuff, Man | June 26th, 2011

ultimate cheapskate

Rev. Jeff Yeager has long been a guru to us goldbrickers – his popular website The Ultimate Cheapskate has helped dudezillions worldwide become slyer in the running when it comes to saving bones or clams or what have you. In this article he outlines ways for we Dudeists to feed the monkey more easily by sharing our stuff with our compeers.

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Section: Dudeist Leisure | May 10th, 2011

lebowski rug

One of the main contentions of Dudeism is that we can be more productive by being lazy. Rev. Tim Gertsch offers incontrovertible proof that such a thing is possible. He can get you a TPS report by three o’clock! Loaf and learn, Dudes.

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Fabulous Stuff, Man

Section: Fabulous Stuff, Man | April 13th, 2011

american beauty 2

There’s a new Dudeist section in town, and it’s called “Fabulous Stuff, Man.” We welcome Dudeist reviewers to point us towards anything they find particularly “dude” out there. It’s just like, your opinion, man. But maybe it’s someone else’s too.

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What a Croc!

Section: Dudeist Leisure | March 29th, 2011


Rev. Tim Gertsch discusses dudely footwear and suggests that people stop giving crocs such a hard time. Many say they look silly. But their weakness is vanity. Uncomfortable shoes are very undude. And worrying about keeping up with fashion? That ain’t regal either.

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The Doctor is In

Section: Dudeist Leisure | June 26th, 2010


Hey need someone to sympathize here? We’ve now got free psycho-therapy over at Dudeism.com. Doctor Dude is here to answer all your emotional problems, and what have you.

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