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Deeper Inside Llewyn Davis

Section: Movies | January 21st, 2014


Todd Alcott, one of the esteemed contributors to our very own Lebowski 101 has allowed us to republish his good and thurrah analysis of the Coen Brothers’ latest masterpiece, Inside Llewyn Davis. There are a lot of ins and outs to this movie, but Todd has produced the deepest and most comprehensive analysis out there.

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Rev. Boston Rockbury reviews Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest opus, “The Master” and tells us why it’s so far fucking out, man. What’s more, it looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Brandt has been reincarnated in a totally different role.

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Far out! Far fucking out! We just got our hands on the original promotional website for The Big Lebowski, and man it is a serious acid flashback. Enjoy this otherworldly and odd marketer’s take on what TBL is all about.

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As we enter the age of Web 2.0 and beyond, the idea of media, myth and reality doing a do-si-do is becoming increasingly accepted. Dudeism is a prime example of this. To further illustrate the increasingly fuzzy boundaries of our mythologies, enjoy our list of favorite Lebowski mashups!

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The Dude Dictator

Section: Movies | August 24th, 2012


Charlie Chaplin resisted speaking in his films, but when he did finally say something it was perhaps the greatest thing anyone has ever said. Rev. GMS takes a look at The Great Dictator and this remarkable scene. It’s the manifesto for our time and place.

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The Dudely Lama Wigs Out

Section: Movies | March 7th, 2012

The Dudely Lama without the wig

Aside from the famous VW ad back in 2009, the Dudely Lama of Dudeism has appeared in an increasing number of videos. Enjoy two of them here. But be forewarned – in one of them he looks quite foolish due to too many white russians and an ill-chosen wig!

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dude documentary

A movie about a religion about a movie? That’s the Dudeism documentary “The Way of the Dude.” Starting this July, an international effort will begin to turn Dudeism into a film and we want the world Dudeocracy to get involved! We’re going to be cruising through the US, the UK, Italy and Dude knows where else. Please read the article and let us know if you want to be a part of it. It’s your roll, dudes.

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Let’s Go Get High Definition

Section: Movies | May 27th, 2011


The new Lebowski edition is here, and in high definition! Now you can see something every bit as stupefyin’ as you’d find at the theater. And in English too! (plus, Spanish and French if you like) This makes us definitely high.

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Long Smooth Strokes

Section: Movies | April 30th, 2011


Rev.Govna G takes a look at one of Jeff Bridges underrated films – an animated film about surfing penguins. A fun ride or a wipeout? The good Rev plunges in and brings back the surf’s up report.

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Rev. Crash Winfield takes a look at the Nitty Gritty of True Grit. What does it say about our time and place? In what ways is it the yang to The Big Lebowski’s yin? All this and more than you even wanted in the first place. And in English too.

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