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Living on Our Allowance

Section: Sermons From the Sofa  | Date: March 24th, 2012

thankie By: Rev. Govna G

Any religion or philosophy that’s worth its undies has preached the necessity for gratitude and contentment. They are the foundation for a happy life. On a basic level, every religion, every religious holiday, every prayer has, at its core, the spiritual need for gratitude. We know that there are very specific needs that the royal we requires for health and survival. When we are thankful for these needs being met, however modestly, we give thanks for life itself. It’s this “Attitude of Gratitude” that provides us with a feeling of contentment and a glowing inner peace.

dude happy Gratitude for life’s simple pleasures is important for everyone to foster in their own lives. The simple pleasures and natural blessings in this world are usually the ones we only notice once they’re pissed on or lodged against an abutment. Our health, the people we love, our unique talents, all those fleeting special moments – these shape who we are and give purpose to our lives. Do yourself a big favor, and take time out regularly to be utterly thankful for who you are and what you’ve got, even if you think it ain’t much.

ipad-ipod-duct-tape copy If there’s a secret to contentment, it’s to live in the now, man. Focus on the sensations and simple pleasures surrounding you at every moment. When we are distracted by countless diversions that do not concern us, we lose our focus. It’s not easy. We are tantalized by targeted advertisements, seduced by material beauty, and coaxed into thinking that we need to be better than we already are. Self-improvement is one thing, but deceiving ourselves into wanting what we don’t need is another matter all together. It’s ok to partake, but we don’t need to “consume.” By focusing on what we really need, and remembering what truly gives us contentment and peace of mind, we can avoid getting bogged down and even trapped by unfulfilling activities and material distractions.

driver distraction Consumer goods and luxuries can quickly catch us in a kind of quicksand that sinks us into an unsatisfied, if not spoiled, frame of mind. Also, let’s not forget – let’s not forget, dudes – that over-spending and debt quickly become traps that can weigh us down, keep us working, and ultimately cause our thinking to become very uptight! Recognize the value of what you have and what you think you need. If we look closely enough, it’s clear that we can easily live without many of the things we have and/or want.

funny dog Another obstacle to our contentment is the need to hurry. There are so many times when we find ourselves rushing from one sight to the next, and we miss all the little treats in between. We don’t need to listen to all of life’s little tour guides telling us that we have to see this, try that, go there, be this. Slow down and listen occasionally to your inner voice, which only wants for you to be content. When we’re handling the money, and driving the car, and talking on the phone all at the same time, accidents happen and our car might even get a little dinged up. A sure way to lose inner peace is to rush things. Meditate on the meaning of the phrase “Take your Time.” It’s your life on this rock, take time to stop and smell the Half and Half.

A time-tested technique to being content is through moderation. Like Goldilocks making herself at home in the bungalow of the Three Bears, we should do our best to avoid extremes and to find the “Just Right” in life. Maybe this means settling for the reliable Torino with some brown, or, uh, rust coloration. Or opting for a modestly priced receptacle at the rental house instead of paying for the ones that range up to three thousand, or simply stayin’ and enjoyin’ your coffee at just the right temperature. Life is full of relative choices and grey areas. Even if your toe slips over the line a little when you throw the rock down the middle of the lane, when it spins somewhere between the gutters, you’re gonna knock down some pins. At the very worst maybe you get to mark it 8, which is a score you can still be content with.

socrates cartoonsocrates Socrates said, “He Is Richest Who Is Content With The Least, For Content Is The Wealth Of Nature.” So, lets look to nature for an example of contentment. For me, I need look no further than the Scarab, otherwise known as the Dung Beetle. The Scarab, that creep can roll, man. The Rollers of the Scarab family collect and roll animal feces into balls that are then used for everything from food to mating. I’ll spare the details, but let’s agree that the Dung Beetle has found a niche in the Animal Kingdom that does not inspire a great deal of admiration. The point is – here’s my point, dude – that The Roller Scarab has learned to live on its allowance, which is ample. You know, when life gives you [lemons], you uh, well, you know what I’m trying to say here. The Scarab is not looking for a handout. It’s not looking at what the ants have stored up in their hills or what the caterpillars are eating that night. If asked, they would probably tell you that they are van-haute-old-bowling-paintingcontent and thankful for what they have, because they are whole and complete in the task which is their charge. The humble Scarab truly abides.

The common and the ordinary offer the keys to Contentment. Sounds boring, right? Well it kind of is. And that’s really the beauty of it. Contentment sits patiently in front of us everywhere, all of the time. It lies in those quiet, everyday moments. It hides in the most mundane objects. It slowly trickles through every word of small talk with a friend. Always there, just behind the lucent vale of our mortal little existence. Give thanks and enjoy what is, because you never know when it may not be.

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7 Responses to “Living on Our Allowance”

  1. brian on March 25th, 2012 6:50 am

    Quality sermon, and a key point I try to pass on to my family and friends all the time… compasion, humility, moderation dudes… again quality, keep on keepn on dudes…

  2. brett on March 25th, 2012 6:59 am

    f**king-A man.

  3. Reverend Double J Vicars on March 25th, 2012 7:03 am

    One of the best articles I’ve read on this site. This is why I became an ordained Dudeist, why I followed the trail to other loafers and idlers throughout history, why I keep re-reading Tao Te Ching. This article sums it all up perfectly.

  4. Doctor Joe on March 25th, 2012 8:13 am

    Great article. You hit the 10 pins with that one. I see people everyday rushing to the Metro to wait on a train that hasn’t arrived yet, only to get upset and tune into their cellphones for comfort, not observing what is going on around them, missing the ebb and flow of humanity. Too many people have to have the latest gadgetry. Why? To satisfy their own egos and be one up on the Jones’? Was Steve Jobs a man ahead of his time, or someone who will ultimately contribute to the decline of mankind with all of his toys on the market. Slow down, enjoy life, live with fewer possessions and ABIDE.

  5. Mike on March 27th, 2012 10:11 pm

    Great article. New to the site, was wondering if there was a section to make suggestions for future topics. I’d love to hear a sermon on politics and the current politicking of our candidates. I understand there are various opinions, but when one candidate is booed for the golden rule (Ron Paul in North Carolina) and another plans a moon colony (Newt) I feel like Donny, out of place in this crazy world. I anyone else is interested, please help my comment get noticed. Thankie.

  6. govna on March 28th, 2012 2:06 pm

    Thanks for reading! It’s always great to hear from fellow Dudes. And Mike, instead of running around, feeling like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know…
    You obviously have, like, your opinion man. Let the Tao of the Dude soak in a little bit, and share your opinion with an article on the site. Check out the Contribute link above. Catch ya further on down the trail…

  7. sean on September 8th, 2012 10:06 pm

    great ARTical man, respect,love and thank you once again. that this is one of the best sites is (amost) indisputable…where was i?…but it’s its kindnesses which jump out, grab and keep hold. jesus. neil young just popped up on groovytrain.com…coincidence|||||||||||||||||||||? i think n o t. over and out

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