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Mind If I Do a J?

Section: Dudespatches  | Date: May 14th, 2012

lebowski 420 By Rev. GMS

As our favorite film, The Big Lebowski clearly suggests, we Dudes sometimes do enjoy partaking of the “demon” (or “dude, mon” rather) weed. in more than a few scenes the Dude’s affinity for the ancient intoxicant is highlighted. Always polite, he asks permission before lighting up in other people’s domains, but other than that, there is a conspicuous normalcy in his taking of the toke. In the Dude’s world, doing a J is a casual affair, like kicking back with a koozie or chilling with a cigar. I believe many Dudes would like to reside in a world in which marijuana was regarded as an ordinary indulgence.

oscarNow not every Dudeist hits the bowling pin pipe, nor is it required to live the Life of Lebowski, but one presumes that a fair share harbor a fondness for cannabis similar to that of the Dude’s. And that’s cool, that’s cool. Far from being some sort of new fad, Dudes have been partaking since before history started to record their stoned-age adventures. It is well documented that humans have been cultivating cannabis for thousands of years for rope, textile, food and for its entheogenic effects (i.e. “That shit was so good, I saw God”).

cannabis-stash-324x205 In 2008 Discovery News reported on an archeological find in China, which they found an ancient dude’s stash of chronic among other high value items. Curiously, 2,700 years ago a tall blue eyed European found his way to a tomb in China, and the items buried with him seem to indicate he was some sort of shaman. The bud with which he was buried showed clear signs of being cultivated for its psychoactive properties. Even today, it looks like it was some seriously kind bud. Sadly, it has degraded tin-n-out_lebowskio the point that it wouldn’t get you high.

Many cultures have used cannabis for spiritual purposes. Legend has it that the Sufi monk Haydar discovered its ability to help him abide, and eagerly shared that knowledge with his irie monk brother shamuses. Sula Benet, an etymologist, argued that KENEH BOSM from the ancient Hebrew refers to Cannabis, and is one of the ingredients in the Holy Anointing Oil mentioned in the Bible. In Hindu traditions it is known as Bhang and is still used today by many a Guru.

dude crash Yet some say pot is poison. This misrepresentation will not stand, man. Safer than brews are, dude! As far as risky behaviors go, cannabis use barely would make the list. Of course, if you think about it, nothing is absolutely safe: if you car window doesn’t work, and you toke while driving, you’re likely to hit a trash dumpster. Nobody would recommend driving and burning at the same time, but other than that there is very little risk involved with cannabis use. Studies indicate that it is near impossible to overdose on weed, where as legal alcohol is responsible for thousands of poisoning deaths per year. Also unlike alcohol and some other illicit drugs, cannabis seldom if ever leads to violence or crimes unrelated to possession.

420_copYet cannabis remains illegal to posses in the US, although there are some states that allow for medical marijuana, and others have decriminalized its possession in small quantities. It remains a Schedule I (in the same category as heroin!) drug federally and thus can still get you in hot water despite what individual states decide.

The US spends billions every year trying to keep dudes from doing a J, so prisons are full of nonviolent cannabis offenders, most of them for simple possession. Even under the supposedly-progressive Obama administration cannabis arrests have continued to soar. Even medical marijuana dispensaries are not immune to the DoJ’s zealous efforts to keep cannabis away from those that might benefit from its many medicinal qualities. This is in contrast to what the president had said during his 2008 campaign. We believe that the president remains a closeted fan of the chronic, so perhaps he was high when he said it and forgot?

dude jointCalls for legalization have been making headway and more high profile world leaders and concerned citizens have been urging a better way to handle cannabis use among adults. More and more recommend Harm Reduction for drug policies world wide, the Global Commission on Drug Policy is one such entity calling for reform of cannabis laws and an end to outright prohibition. Recently the Latin American Summit began questioning out loud whether treating cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol might end many of their problems with crime.

dude smoking Polls have been showing a trend towards legalization and/or decriminalization among US citizens. For the first time in 2011 a Gallup poll found more Americans support making cannabis use legal for adults, 50% to 46% in favor.

So it would seem most people in the US would not mind doing a J or allowing others the privilege, at least while not behind the wheel. It is also a safe bet that most Dudeists wouldn’t mind either, whether you are a toking Dude or not I am sure we can agree that simply using cannabis is not something to get all uptight about.






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6 Responses to “Mind If I Do a J?”

  1. John The Body on May 14th, 2012 11:36 am

    Hey, we all mix up our own little cocktail just the way we like it. I’m a gray haired ol’ grandpa and hope I live long enough to see a time when our prisons are not full of pot convictions.

  2. J.J. Vicars on May 15th, 2012 6:14 am

    Jack Herer exposed the entire ‘drug war’ in his book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Read the text at http://www.jackherer.com DuPont had patented Rayon in ’36 and wanted hemp off the market, couldn’t stand the competition, so they paid off various politicians who spewed forth various forms of propaganda; using petroleum conserved natural resources, smoking ‘marijuana’ (a ficticious Mexican sounding name) made blacks and Mexicans rape white women, and more wretched bile along those lines. The reason things have gotten worse rather than better in the last 20 years is because building and maintaining prisons is now a private industry and so they have to keep them filled to feed the monkey. Billions in tax-payer dollars are spent every year to incarcerate people who have done nothing more than enjoy the female flowers oldest cultivated crop in human history. If ever there was a lane for Walter to flash his piece this is it.

  3. royce ol dude on May 15th, 2012 2:21 pm

    J.J. Says it all an well.ive smoked 50 plus yrs and in 70 had a headshop.thought then WE would get to sell the legal [soon] weed. still have the shop sign but texas is in middle of feed MONKEY FRENZY so no good news here..since the 60s the once poor mans drug has gone hollywood and the rich control it.. oh yea! love the article…thankee Dudes.

  4. Terry on May 15th, 2012 9:11 pm

    Great article man. We can win this thing one day.

  5. Rev. Scott on May 19th, 2012 4:33 pm

    I believe that it’s a shame and a sham to make grass, ( or pot, or chronic, whatever the vernacular is these days) such an issue. Personally, I very rarely indulge anymore… if it’s around I might take a hit or two, but it’s not something that I would sell my soul for. The money that gets spent trying to step on the weed is equal to the money that gets spent to smoke it… if not more. We should be free to grow, smoke, ingest, and be left alone. A rightious Dude will always pass it on… after all it’s just a plant, man…. The Supreme Whatever put it all here for man to utilize and do as we see fit. I know I’d rather be doing a J than sitting in Congress fretting about it. Abide.

  6. Doctor Joe on May 28th, 2012 7:14 am

    Like prostitution, let’s legalize it and tax it, that way we feed everyone’s monkey.

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