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The Spiritual Path of Dudeism

Section: Dude Testaments  | Date: September 28th, 2012

By Rev. Nelson Templar

lebowski paintingI am a Dudeist Priest and this is just my opinion of Dudeism as it pertains to me.

But remember, that this is all just my opinion and if you agree with it or some of it then that’s Cool. That’s Cool. And if you don’t then that’s Okay too. But remember that the important things are: that we all find our path to achieving Dudeness, that we help others to find The Dude within themselves and as always: Abide.

Please forgive me if I seem preachy or long winded.

So now pull up a comfortable chair, serve yourself a White Russian and read on.

As the teachings of The Dude grow in the world, it means the end of all separateness between peoples. It means an end to barriers. It means and end to racial, class, color and gender distinctions, for we gradually learn that we all carry the Light of The Dude inside of us. And that the part that enshrines us in no way contradicts that portion that is precious to others.

So out of the apparent confusion the pattern that ties things together takes shape, and Harmony and Peace come. I tell you these things so that we can understand the part that we choose to manifest that plays in the spiritual evolution of the world, and the part that each one of us Dudeists must play in that evolution as history runs its course.

buddhist-dudeistsThe Truth of the Dude Abides Forever. Yes, we see confusion and chaos, but this dissipates as the clear Light of the Universe penetrates. And that Illuminating ray is growing in strength.

Darkness is replaced by Light. Ignorance is replaced by Knowledge. Superstition is replaced by Wisdom. We are Dudeists. For we Abide.

Our purpose is to Humbly seek Peace and to reveal Truth, Knowledge and Wisdom to the world.

We seek to reveal that which elevates the whole of humanity and gives a true concept of position in life and in the Universe, a true concept of relationship to ourselves and an understanding of kinship with all the members of the vast Universal family.

bear thinkingWe Dudeists, seek to dispel illusion and to bring the truth that is prized. We restore Reason. We replace Illusion with Truth, Superstition with Knowledge, Darkness with Light so that those who are helpless may become whole again, so that those who are tired may become refreshed, so that those who suffer may be become free and Abide.

We reveal these truths not only as they are known in their relation to the sacred laws of the Universe. Those who serve with humility are accounted as Great ones by us, and the service that they render is not confined to helping the soul to find Truth, for there is other services being rendered. There is the service for aiding those in pain, the service of speaking up for equality and responsibility in all actions, the service of preserving freedom, and the service of dispelling fear and giving the spirit in each of us a chance to express itself as The Dude, desires that it should.

dude-buddhaWe can do it. We can allow the Abiding Light of The Dude to flow, all we have to do is allow it to work through us. Let us demonstrate in our own lives that we know the things of the Universe because the Peace of The Dude is in us. The teachings of Dudeism, and how they work lie within, Abiding. If we can bring Happiness where there has been Sadness, Knowledge where there was Ignorance, then we have done service. We have a responsibility in our lives to try to inspire others to live Peaceful lives so that they may know that the Peace of The Dude flows through them.

As we posses this knowledge of The Dude within us we strike a balance. We have something that cannot be measured. We have the realization that our souls are all intertwined with the cosmos. We have learned how to respond to the vibrations of the messages that the Light sends to guide us. In this environment the illusions of fear cannot continue. We help to give birth to the New World of Peace. We find that the knowledge that we have gained and the wisdom that we have learned are of great value.

lebowski plateWe see with the eyes of Calm Abiding; we know that in every child there is Dudeness.

We grow as we release our illusions. We examine the foundations of personal and spiritual collective truth. The Truths of the Universe are emerging and we are building the foundations for a New World of Peace. The nearer Peace gets the more the world will realize the Beautiful gift we as Dudeists bring to help Enlighten-up Humanity.

Now, put on some comfortable shoes and lets go get us a Lane.

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4 Responses to “The Spiritual Path of Dudeism”

  1. Deborah Ann on October 11th, 2012 11:00 pm

    Really well said. Thank you, Dude.

  2. Doctor Joe on October 21st, 2012 5:01 pm

    I’ll drink an oat soda to that. Well done.

  3. Spencer on January 27th, 2013 7:14 pm

    Far out, man!

  4. moses on April 5th, 2013 12:43 pm

    God is real,we are the fantasy.I Have studied about every religon known to man,and they all fall short in atleast one area that we all need.dudeism is my chosen path because it really was created in my life time.Yes,the dude is a character(based on jeff dowd, but dowd is not who we really see when we think of the dude,sorry jeff.)We see the films dude.MAN.I FORGOT WHAT THE FUCK I WAS GETTING AT? SORRY,TIME TO GET SOME AIR.

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